About FlippingBook for Annual Reports

An annual report has the power to establish new partnerships and build trust among existing donors and stakeholders. When you make it not only informative, but also beautiful and engaging, you show your audience that you care about them. That’s why you need FlippingBook, a professional for creating stunning reports.

FlippingBook takes your PDFs and converts them into lifelike interactive publications in just a couple of minutes. And what’s more important, it hosts them online so you can easily share your reports via any channel: email, social media, your website, or intranet as direct links. This way, your readers will be able to open them on any device—a smartphone, tablet, or computer—and read comfortably anywhere.

Other great FlippingBook features for annual digital reports include content protection and document analytics. Thanks to privacy options, you can always control how your reports are accessed and distributed. Restrict downloading and sharing, set a password, or share on your intranet as a protected embed.

And thanks to analytics, you’ll always know how big an impact your report has made.